Green Mountain vs. Traeger Grills: Which Brand Is Right for You?

Can't decide between Traeger and Green Mountain? We compared them for you.
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Green Mountain
Can't decide between Traeger and Green Mountain? We compared them for you.
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Summer means grilling season. Once the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to clean off your grill, stock up on fuel, and get prepping. If you need a new BBQ and are torn between Traeger vs Green Mountain grills, then we can help you out. These two grills are top of the line and offer a lot of great features. They have some similarities but a lot of differences so we’ll break down all their relevant features so you know exactly what to expect. These include cooking area, fuel source, warranty, and dimensions. Whether you plan on grilling some romantic dinners for two or are hosting a backyard block party, we’ll help you find just which grill will suit you best.

Brands comparison

The Traeger company was started in the 1980s in Mount Angel, Oregon. The company’s founders started from the ground up, literally, as the worked to perfect the wood pellet source before crafting their now-famous grills. Working tirelessly, they continued to innovate, capitalizing on the explosion of people wanting to grill with wood. The result today is a comprehensive line of products that includes grills, pellets, and grilling accessories. And, to top it all off, Traeger provides you with an almost unlimited number of recipes to get your started.

Green Mountain vs. Traeger Grills: Which Brand Is Right for You?

Green Mountain is like your local neighborhood store, but not the one you can find anywhere. Instead of expanding out to big box stores, you can find a local brick and mortar store with trained staff and decades of expertise. Green Mountain has taken the idea of grilling with wood pellets and designed grills that really showcase this unique flavor. They company creates not only grills, but pellets, rubs, and sauces, too. You can find everything you need for your next culinary adventure all from Green Mountain.

Traeger vs Green Mountain: comparison of the top models

The Traeger Bronson grill and the Green Mountain Davy Crockett grill are both excellent options. This list of features will help you compare the two so you know exactly which grill is best for your needs.

Traeger Bronson vs Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett

Traeger Bronson Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett
Total cooking area 300 sq. in. 219 sq. in.
Fuel pellets pellets
Hopper capacity 18 lbs. 9 lbs.
Temperature range 170-450°F 150-500°F
Wi-Fi enabled no yes
Dimensions 38 x 35 x 22 inches 34 x 31.75 x 23 inches
Weight 76 lbs. 57 lbs.
Warranty 3-year limited 3-year limited

Cooking area

When it comes to cooking area, every last inch counts. The Traeger Bronson grill has a lot more space, at 300 square inches, than the Green Mountain Davy Crockett Grill at 219 square inches. More cooking area means more options, less wait time, and the ability to feed even more people.

However, you should also think about what your purpose of the grill is. If you’re content with just cooking for you and your small family, then you don’t need to pay for more space. If you’re planning large backyard cookouts, then an investment in a larger cooking area will pay dividends with all the satisfied guests.


Green Mountain vs. Traeger Grills: Which Brand Is Right for You?

Both the Trager grill and the Green Mountain grill use pellets as a fuel source. With wood pellets as a fuel source, this means you have so much more control over the taste of your food. Different woods give off a different taste so you can smoke your food and really experiment with your culinary abilities.

Furthermore, both companies, Traeger and Green Mountain, make their own wood pellets. While wooden pellets are interchangeable with any grill, you might as well add a few bags of pellets alongside your grill purchase to get you started. And, if you like their pellets, you will be able find recipes on either website along with rubs and spices. Both companies want your grilling experience to be complete.


Overall, expect a much larger product in the form of the Traeger Bronson grill compared to the Green Mountain Davy Crocket grill. The cooking side and overall dimensions make the Traeger grill much larger. The round barrel of the Traeger grill is reminiscent of old-school smokers and will definitely become a focal point on your back deck. It has two wheels that allows you to move it although it is still quite bulky and best if left in one place. The Traeger grill is not meant to be portable.

In comparison, The Green Mountain grill is smaller, more compact, and better designed for travel. While it doesn’t have any wheels, it is lighter in weight and ideal if you want to bring your own grill camping. The Green Mountain grill does have a mini-smoke stack that comes out one side, so take that into consideration when deciding where to place it.

Both grill shave a wooden pellet box on one side that feeds the fire and a drip pail for easier cleanup.

Temperature controller

Green Mountain vs. Traeger Grills: Which Brand Is Right for You?

The Traeger grill and the Green Mountain grill have similar temperature ranges but how you control the temperature is quite different. The Traeger grill has a temperature range of 170 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit while the Green Mountain grill a slightly more expansive range of 150 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. While 450 degrees is usually just fine for grilling, being able to reach 500 degrees does help with searing your meat.

As for how you control the temperature, the Traeger grill uses an innovative LED display. It shows you an extremely accurate reading of the internal grill temperature and also allows you to change the temperature according to your needs.

On the other hand, the Green Mountain grill has a series of buttons from which you can control it. It is still highly accurate, though, just slightly less flashy.


The Green Mountain grill is more of a stationary grill. It has four legs, with two legs each forming bars that rest on the ground. It is, however, lightweight so it’s easy to set up and position where you want it to be. Once set up, you don’t want to risk knocking anything over so you shouldn’t pick it up and move it.

In contrast, the Traeger grill has four legs, two of which end in wheels. Despite its heavier weight, this grill is much more portable. You can pick up the grill and move it around on its two wheel. There aren’t really handles on the side, though, so it can be a bit bulky to maneuver around.

Wi-Fi capability

Green Mountain vs. Traeger Grills: Which Brand Is Right for You?

Yes, it is possible to even have a BBQ that has Wi-Fi capabilities. While the Traeger grill does not have any Wi-Fi capabilities, the Green Mountain grill does. Simply download the GMG app and you can control your new grill right from your smartphone. If you’re cooking something that needs different heat temperatures at different stages of cooking, simply open the app and you can adjust the grill with easy 5-degree increments. So, you can be inside watching the big game and not have to worry about pausing it or going outside. Furthermore, you can monitor your food and know just how long it has been cooking. With the Wi-Fi and app option from the Green Mountain grill, you can take a lot of guesswork out of cooking.

Weight and dimensions

The Traeger Bronson grill is only slightly larger than the Green Mountain Davy Crockett grill but it is a lot heavier. Both share roughly the same height, with the Traeger grill at 22 inches and the Green Mountain grill at 23 inches.

The length and width of each, is different. The Traeger grill has a length of 38 inches and a width of 35 inches. In comparison, the Green Mountain grill has a length of 34 inches and 31.75 inches. Not only does the Traeger grill have a larger physical space, but this also translates to a larger grilling area, too.

The Traeger grill weighs 76 pounds, which is significantly heavier than the Green Mountain grill, which comes in at 57 pounds. This is hopefully because the former grill is sturdier, but it may just come down to construction.

If you plan on moving your grill around a lot, or you live on your own, a lighter option may be the best bet. However, the while the Green Mountain grill is technically lighter, its legs do not have any wheels. Therefore, the heavier Traeger Bronson grill is actually easier to move around, thanks to its two-wheel design.


Green Mountain vs. Traeger Grills: Which Brand Is Right for You?

This might come as a shocker, but the Traeger Bronson grill is almost double the price of the Green Mountain Davy Crockett grill. While hopefully some deals can be had, but the Traeger grill retails for $499 while the Green Mountain grill retails for $320. Obviously, these two grills are different and the Traeger grill has a lot more features on offer. However, you will need to decide if the extra features are worth the extra price.


The warranty for both the Traeger Bronson grill and the Green Mountain Davy Crockett grill is the same. They both have three-year warranties. This is a really nice feature the two grills have. Three years gives you plenty of time to get used to your grill and work out any kinks. Furthermore, a lot of issues can present themselves after a few years of use. In this case, if a part stops working or starts to break, you will still be covered under your warranty.

Final thoughts

Both the Traeger Bronson and the Green Mountain Davy Crockett grill are excellent products. They use wood pellets to create a truly unique culinary experience. The Traeger Bronson grill is definitely the larger of the two grills, and make to be a feature part of your back deck. The Green Mountain Davy Crockett grill, on the other hand, is slightly smaller and a lot more portable. It can fold up and be transported to enhance any camping or RVing experience. When it comes down to Traeger vs Green Mountain, think about what you will be using your grill for and go from there. Summer is calling and you want to be prepared to serve up a feast.

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