How to Smoke Salt: The Recipe and Uses

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Smoked salt brings out a unique taste in food.

This type of salt complements other flavors to bring out a rich taste that people enjoy. Smoked salt and smoked sea salt have the same benefits. Both are instrumental in improving the functions of muscles and the nervous system.

Furthermore, they enable easy digestion. You will rarely hear constipation issues with regular users of smoked salt.

Using smoked salt enhances dishes and drinks to a great extent. There is nothing as fulfilling as enjoying your dishes while at the same time pondering on the health benefits you receive. Therefore, it will be helpful if you learn how to make smoked salt to enrich your food. And we will walk you through everything you need to know.

How is Smoked Salt Used?

How to Smoke Salt: The Recipe and Uses

Smoked salt has lots of benefits.

It can be used as a dry rub for meats. The bourbon smoked sea salt can be used alone or combined with other spices to bring out the best taste in meat.

You should roll your salmon or meat in the rub before putting it in the frying pan or roasting. Furthermore, you can add salt to your ground beef spice combo and add some life to your parties.

For chicken, it is useful to seal the moisture and add flavor. Smoked salt also offers extra brawn in steaks and ribs. Sprinkle a few on the salt before you set the meat on the grill.

Smoked salt is also used as a savory. The salts spice up sweets or savory in an incredible way. You can simply grind the salt on buttered popcorn. The same process applies to toffee.

Caramel ice cream can also be flavored using smoked salt. You can sprinkle smoked salt on desserts to provide it with a smokey taste. The A-MAZE-NAMNTS12PF smoker tube remains the best smoker tube for smoking salt. Its size is suitable for most grills, and it can produce smoke for up to eleven hours. The smoker tube also produces minimal ash, making it excellent for cooking.

What Salt to Smoke

How to Smoke Salt: The Recipe and Uses

There are different types of salt that you can smoke. You should choose salt with large granules and big surface areas since large surface areas accommodate more smoke than salt with small surface areas.

Therefore, you do need to smoke table salt. It is also vital to note that large surface areas have enough particles that allow smoke to cling to them. Also, it’s especially important to use salt with recommended surface areas as the first step to smoking salt.

Some common salt that you will find excellent for smoking includes Morton kosher salt and coarse sea salt. Some salts are conscious, while others are somewhat smaller. For instance, you can easily see the flake salt when you are smoking it.

These types of salt ease the smoking process as you can see the actual amount of salt you are using. Furthermore, flake salt welcomes the smoke flavor in the best way.

Himalayan sea salt can also be smoked. However, it is essential to be careful when smoking this type of salt since the smoke can be exceedingly high.

What Wood to Use

The best thing about smoking salt is that it offers flexibility in terms of the wood to be used. You can use any wood to smoke salt.

Notably, there are many types of wood that allow sufficient smoking of salt. Every type gives a unique flavor. Thus, you have a big selection of wood to set you on the path of having excellent smoked salt. It will be useful to try out the different types of wood and find your best preference. It’s the same way that every cook has their own sets of preferences on the type of appliances to use for cooking. The ultimate aim is to get the best out of your smoked salt.

Experts feel that applewood smoked salt is the best for first-timers. The type has a rich smoke flavor that gives the best taste. Hickory is another type of wood that offers amazing smoking. It is bolder and is popular for salt. Hickory smoked salt gives food the rich natural taste of salt.

Also, Alderwood smoked salt is equally great for food. Alderwood is a unique type of wood that burns with a pleasant aroma.

Furthermore, you can go for mesquite smoked salt. According to experts, the best wood chips for smoking chips in Amazon is the WESTERN 80485 BBQ Smoking Chips. It includes peach, cherry and comes with a reusable smoker tray.

The flavors can be used separately, or you can mix the wood to create a new flavor. All these types of wood for smoking salt are excellent options for outdoor or indoor cooking. Try different types of wood and settle for the one that suits your needs.

How to Smoke Salt: Recipe

How to Smoke Salt: The Recipe and Uses

The process of smoking salt is quite straightforward. There are several factors that you will need to consider first before you begin.

Having the best smoke salt recipe is not something that requires much practice. Just have the right set of tools and ingredients. Furthermore, you must take heed of the smoking time and temperature.

Tools and Ingredients

You can use a cold smoker for smoking salt. As previously mentioned, the A-MAZE-N smoker offers a unique experience in smoking. Cold smoking is useful since your barbeque is not lit.

Wood pellets also smolder when lit by blown torches. A campfire might also do the same job. It is important to note that smoke is attracted to moisture. Salt absorbs the moisture exposed to smoke, thus the flavor. So, we recommend keeping your salt moist before smoking to increase the rate of absorption.

You will need one cup of salt and wood chips to begin the process. Since flavors may be aggressive during smoking, it would be best to use Hickory, which is a non-fruit type of wood.

Also, consider getting supplies like a large bowl, water, and glass container.

Smoking Time and Temperature

This process is dependent on how you will want your salt.

It might take up to four hours to smoke. Those who prefer shorter time will also get their desired results.

However, we recommend you smoke salt for twelve to twenty-four hours to get the best result. Smoking salt allows you to maneuver around the flavor and intensity.

Furthermore, the temperature you use will depend on how far you want to go with smoking the salt. You can inspect your salt as it smokes.

Thus, you have the freedom to taste the salt as it smokes. Remove it from the smoker occasionally to taste; you can remove it once it reaches the flavor you desire.


  1. The first step is to fill the bowl with water. You only need a small amount of water, so dump some into the sink.
  2. Place the salt in the bowl and then swirl gently to ensure it absorbs water.
  3. Put the plug inside the sink and fill it with water. Use your fingers to drip the water on the salt, then continuously toss the salt. You will notice the texture of salt changing slightly. Stop the process once you realize the liquid is forming or the salt begins to clump.
  4. Ignite your cold smoker and place the glass bowl on its side. Cover it with salt.
  5. Smoke the salt for at least six hours, stirring it once per hour.

Final Thoughts

Smoking salt is an excellent method of enriching its flavor.

Smoked salts are used all over the world by top chefs and households. You can prepare them in homes using smokers. Once you do this, you can use the salt for many purposes.

Also, Smoking salt has health benefits and offers a unique taste in food that will leave you wanting more.

There are several types of salt you can use smoke. It is vital not to use table salt since their large surface area is small: smoked salt must have large surface areas to hold the smoke sufficiently.

There are also special types of wood that you can use for smoking. Settle for the one that pleases you. Smoked salt will take your grilling to a new level.

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