Mar 07, 2021

Weber Genesis II E 310 Review

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9.7 Editor's Score
Surface cooking area
Ease of use

A gas barbecue with three stainless steel burners, the Weber Genesis II E 310 is an excellent choice for those who are looking for grill with an open cart design that is easy-to-use and easy to transport. This gas barbecue feels sturdy and is solidly built, and when it comes to cooking performance, it cooks meat evenly while also retaining all the flavors and juices. We made a Weber Genesis II E 310 review because this grill offers a superior grilling experience and is convenient to use. The mess-free cooking and the instant on burners are just some of the features that make the barbecue a solid contender for those who are looking for a quality grill they can use for their family needs and also for hosting parties.

The Weber Genesis E 310 offers reliable temperatures and a deep grate so you have a lot of room to cook your favorite foods. It also heats consistently, which means that you can use the grill for most kinds of meats and vegetables and get an even experience every time. Manufactured by Weber, one of the best gas grills brands on the market, the grill combines quality construction with ease of use to create a product that is bound to satisfy even the pickiest cook. Our Weber Genesis II E 310 review makes it easy to understand the reasons behind its popularity.


Primary function Grill
Primary cooking area 513 sq in
Tuck-away warming rack area 156 sq in
Temperature Up to 550°F
Number of burners 3
Fuel Liquid propane (20 lbs tank sold separately)/ Natural gas (gas supply hose included)
Grids Porcelain –enameled, cast-iron
BTUs 39.000
Ignition type Electrical
Dimensions 47 x 59 x 29 inches
Weight 133 lbs
Warranty 10 yr limited
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Weber Genesis II E 310 Review

The Weber Genesis II E-310 is part of the premium range of gas grills produced by Weber, a company with a long history of manufacturing high-quality grills for home use. Offering a superior grilling experience when compared to many of the other models available on the market, the Weber Genesis II E-310 comes with high-end parts and it has a sturdy construction and intelligent engineering that result in precision control over your cooking. This is a suitable grill for those who want to barbecue all kinds of foods, ranging from steaks and burgers to chops and chicken and going through vegetables and small items such as shrimp or scallops. Thanks to the three burners included, you can easily setup multiple zones so you can cook various large carts such as roasts or whole poultry.

Overall performance

Weber Genesis II E 310 ReviewThe overall performance of the Weber Genesis II E-310 Gas Grill is impressive for a grill in this category and price range. It comes complete with an electronic ignition system that is the safest and quickest way to light a grill. Each of the burners ignites independently, which means that you can adjust them to suit your needs and have total control over the heat distribution, which comes in very handy when you are cooking different types of food at the same time.

The grill has a built-in fuel gauge, so you always know how much propane is left in the tank. We also like the high-quality porcelain enameled cast-iron grates, which are highly durable and easy to clean while also spreading heat evenly. These grates and the main reason the grill offers consistent results because there is less temperature variation across the cooking surface.

Surface cooking area, number of burners and temperature

The surface cooking area of the Weber Genesis II E-310 grill is 513 sq. in. for the primary area and 156 sq. in. for the warming rack. This is more than enough for a family and is also suitable for those who are looking for a grill they can use while entertaining. The grill has three burners and can reach temperatures of up to 550°F

Fuel and ignition type

This is a natural gas / propane barbecue that comes with electronic ignition that is very easy to control. You can simply light up the burners with the push of a button and only need to wait for a couple of minutes before you can start cooking your food.


Weber Genesis II E 310 ReviewThe main grilling area of the Weber Genesis II E-310 is made from two porcelain coated cast iron grates. These are an excellent choice because they heat up evenly and don’t chip, and they may last for decades if you take care of them properly. The drawback is that they need to be maintained carefully after each use but the routine of taking care of cast iron grates is a quick one.


The grill has three burners that generate 37,500 BTU, which generate heat evenly and fast so you can start cooking in the shortest amount of time possible.

Ease of use

The Weber Genesis II E-310 scores big when it comes to ease of use, mainly because only need to do to light up your burners is push the ignition button. You only need to wait for a couple of minutes for the heat to build up, and you can then cook your food. You don’t need to worry about electricity, wood, charcoal, or anything else.

The grill is also very easy to clean and part of the regular maintenance is to empty the grease pan. This is very easily accessible thanks to the open cart design. The cooking grates also require cleaning after each use, but the good news is that you can easily scrape them while they’re still warm to remove all the bits that may otherwise require a bit of scrubbing.

Safety features

The grill includes an electronic igniter that is safer and more reliable than a push button starter and it also has a fuel gauge that lets you know how much propane is left in the tank, but also keeps the tampers from flaring.


The grill is portable thanks to the inclusion of two wheels and it only weighs 133 lbs. The overall dimensions are 47 x 59 x 29 inches.

Weber Genesis II E 310 ReviewMaintenance and warranty

You get a 10 year warranty with this grill, which covers the cooking box, but excludes normal wear and tear as well as fading and discoloration. However, all manufacturing and material defects are covered for a decade, which is more than many other manufacturers offer. Weber recommends that you register your new grill online when you buy it. If you ever have a problem with your grill, you can use an online form to launch a warranty claim.

Key features

  • GS4 Grilling System
  • Stainless steel Flavorizer bars
  • Push-button electronic ignitor
  • 2 stainless steel side shelves
  • 3 individually controlled burners
  • Porcelain-enameled cast iron grates
  • iGrill 3 compatible
  • Fuel gauge
  • Grease management system works perfectly
  • Flavorizer bars enhance the taste of everything you cook
  • High-quality build and premium feel
  • Easy to move thanks to the two wheels
  • Heats evenly and maintains a constant temperature throughout the cooking process

  • No fold-down shelves
  • Upper warming rack is a bit too shallow
  • Setting up the grill is time-consuming

9.7 Total Score

The Weber Genesis II E 310 feels sturdy and stable and is very well built, while also being easy to move around thanks to its two wheels. Grilling on it is a pleasant experience, and the cast iron grates give everything you grill beautiful sear marks, while also being easy to clean. The temperature and heating are consistent and even, which is essential for superior grilling experience in an outdoor grill. Even though it might be a bit pricier than other grills of this type, the Weber Genesis II E 310 is versatile, efficient, and durable, while also being protected by a 10-year warranty.

Primary cooking area
Ease of use
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