Weber Spirit vs Spirit II – Upgraded Classic Model

Can't decide between Weber Spirit and Weber Spirit II? We compared them for you.
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Last updated: August 22, 2023
Can't decide between Weber Spirit and Weber Spirit II? We compared them for you.
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Weber Spirit vs Spirit II: Which Do You Go For?

Suppose you are one person who enjoys outdoor fun activities such as family and friends’ cookouts as well as barbeque treats, then I believe you have heard of Weber. It is a grill production company that was established in 1893, known for convenient features, capitative designs, and constant amazing grill product features. It was started by Weber Stephen and has been operational for over 60 years. It has its main headquarters in the US as well as over 30 branches all over the world. Over the years, Weber has undergone a cycle of advances in its grills series industry in large proportions.

Weber Spirit vs Spirit II - Upgraded Classic ModelThe Weber Spirit and Weber Spirit II grill series have undergone several improvements leading to the realization of several models under each. The two were put on the market in 1990 and 2018 respectively. They almost have a similarity in names, though have minimal differences, which makes it a bit difficult to choose one over the other. They are known for their longevity, user-friendly aspect, and attractive designs. Are you new to this BBQs venture and wonder what to opt for? This article will have a breakdown of each series as we try to mitigate through the features, pros, and cons.

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The Weber Spirit series was brought to address the issues on space fittings and suppression of the customers’ pockets. It featured high performance with compact grills and foldable shelves. The larger the model, the more space it would be consumed, unlike the smaller model. The challenges continued for some time, which led to the emergence of the Weber Spirit II, which was an enhanced version. It was much lighter, had two wheels, a longer warranty, and more grill color options compared to the Spirit gas. Both series have come in handy as they are preferred due to their durability and good quality, even if they are more expensive than other grillers in the market. We will focus on Weber Spirit Model E-310 and Weber Spirit II Model E-310, which are popular in the market.

Quick Overview Table

Spirit series Spirit ii series
Maximum BTU Rating 32 30
IGrill Not Available IGrill 3
Colour Black only Variety
Cart Design Closed Cabinet Open Cart
Folding Side Tables Yes, both left and right side Yes, but only the left side one
Wheels 4 2
Warranty 2 years 10 years
Price 399 USD 349 USD

Weber Spirit

Under this series of Spirit grill, the most popular is the E-310 Model. We will focus on its pros and cons as shown below:


  • It has an instruction manual that is easy to follow.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.
  • It does not experience multiple hardships even when frequently used.
  • The heat spreads evenly and effectively.


  • It has a wide gap in the back that is wide enough to accommodate animals in its cabinet, leading to damage.
  • It has an awkward placement of the propane gas tank.
  • The ignition system is not the most reliable.

Weber Spirit II

The E-310 Model of the Weber Spirit II is highly preferred by the majority. Below are some of the pros and cons.


  • Provides an ample cooking space.
  • It possesses an impressive array of bonus features.
  • It has a 10-year warranty.
  • Pertains an attractive design and comprehensive user guide.
  • Has a variety of colors to choose from.


  • Has a relatively high price.
  • In some instances, the grill may not gain enough heat to produce a good sneer on the thicker parts of the meat.
  • Most of the secondary parts are more susceptible to breakage.

Weber Spirit vs Weber Spirit II

The Weber Spirit E-310 and the Weber Spirit II E-310 may be similar in several aspects, such as functionality, but they have some differences, as discussed below.

Who uses them?

The Weber Spirit II E-310 is often used by the majority of people in their homes and businesses compared to Weber Spirit. It is much cheaper with better features which is an advantage. The Weber Spirit E-310 has a user-friendly manual that is simple to understand and follow. It has turning knows for easy regulation of the burners as well as an iGrill thermometer for easy monitoring of the temperatures in the burner. Also, most of its parts are coated with porcelain which makes it easy to maintain.

Color & Design

The Weber Spirit E-310 Model has only one color – Black. You should note that some new models may come in different colors. It measures 32 inches long, 52 inches wide, and 63 inches high. It has two foldable tables, thus taking up less space, whereas the Weber Spirit II E-310 comes in various colors, namely: Black, Ivory, Sapphire, and Crimson-red. It measures 52 inches long, 26 inches wide and 57 inches high, having the lid open. It also has two tables, with the left one being foldable.  Also, the gas tank is easily exposed, thus may attract unwanted accidents, especially with children, unlike the Spirit grill, which is contained inside its cabinet. The cabinet design of the Spirit grill allows storage of the propane gas as it is enclosed. It consumes minimal storage space of the grill accessories as it is well enclosed.

Weber Spirit vs Spirit II - Upgraded Classic ModelMaterials Used

Even when choosing a griller, the type of material should be a key factor to have in mind. You should avoid situations where you often replace them with a new one. This would go in handy to prevent wastage of time and resources.

Both of the grill series are made up of aluminium which is durable. They can withstand high temperatures of heat and high resistance to rust. In addition to this, the burners, grates, and flavorizer bars should be made of heavy stainless steel, cast iron coated with porcelain or aluminum.

Maximum BTU Rating

You would want to take into account the number of people and the amount of food to cook. This will help you with the number of burners to use. In the case of a large number of people, then you need to go for the series with 3burners.

The BTU rating in the Web Spirit is rated 32000BTU per hour while the latter has a rating of 30000BTU per hour. Thus, the Web Spirit has higher unit power. The Weber Spirit and the Weber Spirit II have three equally spaced burners to allow even and easy heat distribution.


Here, you would want to consider a grill with a less overwhelming ignition system. One that will take less time to light. Here it depends on the type of ignitor- whether battery-operated or electronic operated.

The grills of both series are solidly built using heavy-duty porcelain-enameled stainless steel. This allows for smooth smoking of BBQ at high temperatures with no chances of melting. The Weber Spirit, just like the Weber Spirit II, uses propane.  The Spirit II has a separate iGrill device which is absent in the Spirit grill. This feature is normally paired with your smartphone and shows you the temperature in the grill to allow a smooth process in your meat getting ready.

Also, it is important to note that Weber grills may be different depending on the model type and place of production.

Ease of Use

The Weber Spirit is enhanced by its four wheels for easy movement, whereas the Weber Spirit II has two wheels contributing towards difficult mobility.  In both grill series, there are front-mounted knobs for each burner, promoting its easy use. They contain an accurate thermometer used in monitoring heat. They also have an inbuilt fuel gauge which enables the user to know the exact amount of LP Gas in the tank.

Weber Spirit vs Spirit II - Upgraded Classic ModelAccessories

The accessories of both Spirit series are readily available. Some of them include:

  • A barbeque brush is used for cleaning the grill.
  • Precession barbeque tongs and spatula set that are used in cooking the meat.
  • A grate cleaner for cleaning the grate and cook-box.
  • Weber’s BBQ Bible is instructive that contains BBQ recipes.

However, the Spirit II has a special accessory which is the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub.  This allows for connection between the phone and the grill via Bluetooth, with the added advantage of fueling the thermometer. The fact that it is lighter, assembling this griller can be a challenge. It is advisable that you should place it at a strategic place with easy access. It has ample cooking space as well as three hooks on the side to be used together with the BBQ gear.


In response to the price, the Weber Spirit II is surprisingly cheaper than the Spirit grill. One would wonder why it is the case. The improvements made on it enhance its user-friendliness, unlike the latter. It comes embodied with an easy-to-read user manual which is an added advantage. Being an upgrade of the Spirit grill means that the issues that had arisen with the previous series have been considered.


The warranty of products speaks a lot about what product to go for. The Spirit II E-310 has a longer warranty that runs for ten years, unlike the Weber Spirit E-310, a warranty of two years. This also depends on how you take care of your grill, store it, leave it open or covered, and the maximum number of times you use it in a week.

Final Thoughts

In comparison to both grill series, the Spirit II takes a good lead. The Spirit series is a go-ahead option for those in search of a long-lasting, reliable and durable grill. If you search for a less expensive one, the Spirit II grill series is very much available.

The Weber-Stephen’s products are worth sorting for as they do disappoint. Whatever the choice is between the two, the fact remains you can get the best. The difference is just that the Weber Spirit II is an upgrade of Weber Spirit. Your personal preference is what counts. Enjoying a tasty meal is depends on the products you use.


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This analysis provides insight into the viability of the INI Universal Propane Adapter Kit
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