How to Clean a Meat Grinder

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Cleaning kitchen appliances properly is not only necessary for tidiness but also for hygiene purposes. Appliances like blenders, grinders, and coffee pots require thorough cleaning after use to avoid the growth of microscopic bacteria and other insects that might infest your kitchen.

Meat also attracts nasty flies, not to mention it can start to smell after a while. This is why it is important to know how to clean a meat grinder properly after every use.

We all get lazy sometimes and just rinse the utensils instead of washing them properly. This cannot be done with a kitchen appliance like a meat grinder. If there is even a fraction of meat left, the next time you use it, you will not only be disgusted by the smell, but you might also find it covered in fungus!

It is natural to be wary of manhandling expensive appliances. However, damaging them due to improper cleaning techniques is a big no! In order to help you, we bring you a detailed guide on the best ways to clean a grinder. Bid adieu to the dirty crevices and corners of your meat grinder by following the simple steps below.

Cleaning Methods and Tips that You Can Try

How to Clean a Meat Grinder

You can clean your meat grinder and its many bacteria-attracting nooks and crannies by following six easy steps. You’ll never have to worry about leaving any leftover meat inside the grinder before storing it away. The best part about these techniques is that you can save time and clean it right after using, while you prepare the rest of your meal in the kitchen!

Step 1: Don’t Delay Cleaning the Meat Grinder!

We all love cooking but dread the moment when it is time to clean up the mess. Many people delay washing their meat grinders, and this is exactly why it becomes difficult to clean later on.

It is best to clean your meat grinder right after using it because leaving it dirty means giving the residue meat time to decompose over time and grow stale. This also results in the meat sticking to the corners of your meat grinder.

You will find it a lot easier to clean the meat grinder if you do it immediately rather than saving it for later!

Step 2: Soaking the Grease 

One thing to keep in mind is that you are not just cleaning the residue of meat in the meat grinder but also the byproducts. One such byproduct is grease or fat, which is extremely important to get rid of. 

You can tackle grease by using pieces of bread as makeshift sponges that will effectively soak up some grease and make it easier to clean. 

The way to go about this is to wipe the interiors of the meat grinder with a piece of bread, which will absorb the stickiness as you run it through. This will not only make the cleaning process easier but will also reduce the time you would otherwise spend scrubbing your meat grinder. 

Step 3: Dismantle the Small Parts

Now that you have partially cleaned the residue grease and meat particles, it is time to take it apart for some thorough cleaning. 

This is a simple step where you simply detach the parts of the meat grinder and lay them on the sink to clean separately. These parts should essentially include the grinding blade, the top cover, the feeding tube, the bottom plate, and the small screws that hold these parts together. 

Step 4: Soak the Parts in a Solution of Soap 

This is when you actually begin cleaning the meat grinder properly. All you have to do is find a large enough bucket to put in all the loose parts. Fill the bucket with warm water and your favorite dishwashing soap. Put all the parts you disassembled into the soapy water and let them soak for about 30 minutes. 

This will loosen all the stubborn buildup of meat and grease on the surface of your meat grinder parts without you having to physically scrub them off. This is safe for both manual and electric meat grinders, but be careful not to soak any motorized components of an electric meat grinder in the soapy water. 

Step 5: Washing

When you take the disassembled parts of the meat grinder out of the soap solution, they will be free of the sticky and oily meat and grease. You can now proceed to wash them separately with warm water to remove the soap. 

You might want to grab a sponge at this point and gently scrub the parts as an added measure. Wash them like you would do the dishes, but be careful not to cut yourself when washing the sharp parts like the grinder blade. 

Step 6: Let it Dry

Now that all the parts of your meat grinder are spotless with no traces of meat or grease, you can dry them using a washcloth or a kitchen towel. 

Make sure to leave the disassembled parts on the dish rack to naturally dry before assembling the machine back together. This will make sure that there are no leftover water particles on the steel surface of the parts, which can cause potential rusting. 

Is It Possible to Make Future Clean-Ups Easier?

Washing your meat grinder immediately is the best way to avoid making future clean-ups a nuisance. If you follow the proper directions and make sure the machine is spotless before you store it away, you will not be greeted by nasty fungus or build-up the next time you use it.

Another excellent tip to avoid difficult clean-up is to use chilled meat rather than warm. Warm meat tends to be sticky and makes the cleaning process longer than it needs to be.

Make sure to remove the tendons before placing the meat in the feed tube for grinding. This will prevent the texture from damaging the blades and make cleaning easier.

Also, be careful not to wash your meat grinder components in a dishwasher because it tends to damage the metal.

How to Store Your Meat Grinder Properly?

Storing the meat grinder properly is an important part of maintaining the machine and protecting it against premature wear and tear.

  1. Before packing your meat grinder, fill the bags for each separate part with some rice that will absorb the extra moisture and keep it dry in storage.
  2. Storage protocol also includes effective greasing. You can coat the meat grinder parts in cooking oil or a cooking spray to keep them protected from rust.
  3. Make sure to store your meat grinder and its oiled and bagged components in a dry place.
  4. The machine works flawlessly when chilled, so an expert tip is to keep the non-motorized parts of your meat grinder in the freezer for an hour before using it. Make sure to follow the bagging step above to protect them against humidity in the freezer. Reassemble them right before using.
  5. An extra step before using the meat grinder is to spray the oiled parts with a solution of bleach, which will sterilize the dismantled parts. Rinse each part with water before reassembling and using.

Final Thoughts

If your old meat grinder is worn out due to a lack of proper care, you can consider buying a new one and maintaining it the right way. There are some mighty meat grinders that you can choose from!

Sausage stuffers require similar cleaning and maintenance protocols, and you can choose from a range of high-quality sausage stuffers to add to your kitchen appliances.

Some people like taking advantage of our age of technology and prefer electronic meat grinders. You can get the Sunmile SM-G31 Electric Meat Grinder to make your life easier!

Even though the technology is great, some people like to use more traditional appliances to prepare their meals. As we like to say, the harder it is to make a dish, the tastier it is! You can find superior quality and reliable manual meat grinders to prepare your favorite recipes.

If you are planning on replacing your manual meat grinder, you can consider the SAILSWORD Multi-functional Manual Meat Grinder that is multifunctional and easy to use!

A properly maintained meat grinder performs better than a poorly cleaned and stored one. Now that you know how to clean a meat grinder, you can use it without worrying about any damage.

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