Porterhouse vs Ribeye: Choose the Superior Cut

From taste to storage period - we've picked the most important factors for porterhouse vs ribeye difference
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Steak is one of the choicest parts of an animal. The beef Trusted Source Cut of beef - Wikipedia During butchering, beef is first divided into primal cuts, pieces of meat initially separated from the carcass. These are basic sections from which steaks and other subdivisions are cut. The term “primal cut” is quite different from “prime cut”, used to characterize cuts considered to be of higher quality. en.m.wikipedia.org , for instance, has lots of nutrients and a uniquely-sweet taste that continually wow those who are deeply in love with it. With the several parts in cattle, it is quite difficult for everyone to agree on the choicest cut. According to their preferences, different individuals will select various parts of the animal. Moreover, the one that causes a lot of traction is the Porterhouse vs Ribeye debate.

People’s preferences differ, but this preference does not change each cut’s real advantage over the other. The taste and quality of each bite are so sumptuous that there is need to talk about what you would experience when enjoying a steak or two. It is hoped that at the end of the comparison, with the similarities and differences pointed out, you would fall in love with both cow’s cuts and cherish the taste and quality of steaks.

What is porterhouse

The porterhouse is one of the most preferred parts of the cow, which is found in the short loin/sirloin. It is made up of two separate slices of cattle that are enjoyable and coveted at once. The slices/parts making up the porterhouse are the filet mignon (tenderloin) and the strip. A T-shaped bone separates these two slices. These slices also make up the T-bone which is identical to the porterhouse. The difference between them is that the T-bone has more petite tenderloin. Therefore, it is not surprising to see people debate t-bone vs. ribeye when discussing porterhouse vs. ribeye.

What is ribeye

Ribeye is a cut gotten from the rib part of a cattle. It is also known as the ‘scotch fillet’ or ‘spencer steak.’ Ribeye is often called prime rib steak, which refers to a lightly worked rib part of the cattle bone-in or bone-out. This rib section where the ribeye is gotten from is soft and creates a magic taste in the mouth. Following the discovery of this taste, its lovers are eager to argue the prime rib vs. porterhouse in favor of the ribeye.

Difference between porterhouse and ribeye

Name Ribeye Porterhouse
Part Rib Short Loin/Sirloin
Cut Shape Variable T-shape
Fat Around 20 grams, marbled Around 16g
Best cooking method Grilling Grilling

The difference between the porterhouse and ribeye lies majorly in the fatty oils and sturdy structure. The structure of the porterhouse is T-shaped which signifies the separation of the filet mignon and strip by the bone. At the same time, the ribeye can consist of a bone or not, which means that it is shaped in any structure preferred by the butcher though many prefer to shape it in a heart-like manner. The ribeye has more fat than the porterhouse, though the porterhouse has a lot of calories.

Porterhouse vs Ribeye: Choose the Superior CutTaste

In the debate of ribeye vs. porterhouse steak, a dispute about the taste of both steaks is undisputable. They are both classes of their own as they contain several combinations that distinct them. The ribeye has a lot of fatty oil and beefy structures. This cut tastes better when the rich fats are not cut off during grilling or smoking. These rich oils give so many distinctive tastes and make the ribeye one of the most flavored parts of the cattle, while the porterhouse steak tastes like the combination of the filet mignon and the strip. The tender and chewy taste of the tenderloin and the meaty taste of the strip combine to make the porterhouse a top contender in the taste of steak battle.

Cooking time

Depending on the inch of the porterhouse steak, the cooking time could take as long as 17 minutes and as short as 10 minutes while turning of the beef to ensure that it is cooked evenly in all sides. The porterhouse can also be smoked in best electric smoker under 200 for about 10-13 minutes. It is recommended, when preparing porterhouse steak, to use a charcoal grilling machine as it infuses the best taste into the cut of meat.

The ribeye steak takes about the same time as the porterhouse on the grilling machine and smoker. It also takes less time in preparation. The Weber SmokeFire EX6 and Z GRILLS ZPG-450APRO are some of the best grills and smokers available, as requested by several customers.

Porterhouse vs Ribeye: Choose the Superior CutCooking temperature

The temperature should be medium for both porterhouse and the ribeye steaks. This means it should be around 135°F to 145°F.

Storage period

Both meats can be stored for around 3 to 5 days in the fridge, we recommend cooking them as soon as you’ve purchased the cuts. When cooked, the steaks can be stored for 30 to 5 days in the fridge.

Porterhouse vs Ribeye: Choose the Superior Cut


The two steaks in discourse are highly flavored and rich in taste and quality.  As a result, they are highly sought-after in the store, market, or home delivery. As the law of demand and supply concerning price dictate, the price will go high. As such, the porterhouse and the ribeye are on the high side.


For people who need to follow a certain diet or just prefer tender steaks with a lower fat level, we recommend sticking with the porterhouse cut. Ribeye allows to receive a juicier result but contains more fat and can be considered less preferable.

Final thoughts

Taste and quality are some aspects of food people are unwilling to compromise. They are reluctant because the satisfaction and joy derived from food come from these two factors and more. Comparing the porterhouse and ribeye would only lead to the agreement that these top-tier cow cuts have a higher standard of tastes and qualities. A claim that one or both of these cuts are low-level steaks would be incorrect as they are top-tier cuts of beef demanded in high quantity and serve as the joy of any grill master. The debate on porterhouse vs. ribeye can only end with the conclusion and assurance that whichever of the cuts an individual prefers, the quality and taste would not disappoint as they are both delicious.


Cut of beef - Wikipedia
During butchering, beef is first divided into primal cuts, pieces of meat initially separated from the carcass. These are basic sections from which steaks and other subdivisions are cut. The term “primal cut" is quite different from “prime cut", used to characterize cuts considered to be of higher quality.

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