How to Make the Best Texas Twinkies

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The Texas Twinkies were named and popularized by Hutchins BBQ. It is comprised of an entire jalapeno pepper that is stuffed with cream cheese and uses leftover brisket. Many of the readers usually stuff the pepper with cheese and meat, then wrap them up in brisket. However, this is another type that as said uses a whole pepper and ensures that your leftover brisket does not go to waste.

The original types that were made popular by Hutchins BBQ taste incredible, but here we have added our own spin to the twinkies. If you pay attention to this post, you will learn how you can make yours, and have an excellent time as we did!

Useful Information

Before we delve into what you need to make these and the steps to take, we will first provide some pretty helpful information that can help you decide whether this is for you or not.

First of all, how long does it take to prepare this delicacy? Well, from our method, you will use up to 45 minutes to prepare it. After preparation, be prepared to spend 3 hours in cooking it. We have listed all the necessary information below:

  • Preparation time: 45 minutes
  • Time to cook : 3 hours
  • Cooking temperature: 225 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Best wood: Pecan

With all these provided, you have an inkling of what is required to start cooking the Twinkies.

Ingredients You’ll Need

How to Make the Best Texas TwinkiesYou will also need to know the ingredients required to prepare the Twinkies. Here are the ingredients required:

  • A dozen extra-large jalapenos pepper
  • 16 ounces of cream cheese
  • 1 pound of chorizo
  • 2 cups of shredded, smoked gouda
  • A dozen thick slices of bacon

Nutrition Facts

Whatever you eat ought to be good for your body, and that is why we love these. It comes with excellent composition and is rather healthy. It comes with:

  • 205 calories
  • 6 grams of protein
  • 5g of carbohydrates
  • 7 g of fat
  • 8 mg of cholesterol
  • 5 mg of sodium
  • 310 mg of potassium
  • 1 g of fiber
  • 1 g of sugar
  • 365IU of Vit A
  • 17 mg of Vit C
  • 2 mg of Iron


To make the Hutchins BBQ Twinkies, you start with a dash of large jalapeno pepper, preferably one that is as big as a pork rib. You then stuff these with cream cheese and brisket. Next, wrap these in slices of bacon, season, and smoke. You can then brush with a sauce and grill if you want.

There are several steps involved in preparing the Twinkies. In this section, we will systematically provide information on the most important steps to take.

Buy and Prepare the Pepper

How to Make the Best Texas TwinkiesThe whole peppers are an essential part of the Twinkies, so when you are getting them, ensure that you get the biggest and best you can get. Check out your local grocery store for the super-sized peppers, and if you cannot find them there, you can ask for where to get the largest peppers.

After buying the peppers, you have to prepare them. Preparation is rather easy.

There are different ways to prepare the peppers; however, we prepare ours by cutting a T in them. The benefit of that is that it gives you enough access to the peppers while it reduces the chances of them leaking cheese as you cook.

To get the best results here, use a sharp, thin knife to cut through. At first try, you might find it somewhat tricky, but after you have done a few, you will get the hang of it. Remove as many seeds and veins as you can. Afterward, you could also rinse the peppers to remove as many seeds as possible.

Un-Hot the Peppers

This next step depends on whether you want your peppers pretty hot. So, take a small bite on the edges of the pepper to taste how hot they are. If you feel it is too hot, you can soak them in a beverage for some hours to eliminate some of the heat. It should be at an acceptable level of heat after about two hours.

Prepare Your Cheese and the Brisket

How to Make the Best Texas TwinkiesNext, take the smoked gouda and grate it. Heat your meat in the skillet.

Take the 8 oz. of cream cheese, 1 cup of grated cheese, a cup of meat, and a quarter of the rub (optional), into a bowl and whisk. You can decide whether you want the cheese mixture or the brisket mixture. For the latter, double to size of the cream cheese, add 2 cups of grated cheese, 2 cups of meat, and ½ cup of the rub into the bowl, and mix until you get as fine a consistency as you can achieve.

Stuff and Wrap

How to Make the Best Texas TwinkiesTake the opened jalapeno peppers and stuff them with your cheese and brisket mixture. Ensure that it is tightly stuffed and the pepper cut well so that you don’t lose any of the cheese. Determine the numbers of pepper you have and have a commensurate slice of bacon using a good knife for slicing brisket. Next, wrap the slice of bacon you have cut around the pepper. Start from one end and work your way to the other end. When you are stuffing and wrapping, it is important that you cover where you have cut on the pepper as much as possible. This will help to lower the chances of the cheese leaking out of the pepper.

Use the toothpick to hook the bacon to the pepper.

Once this is done, it is time to place it in the smoker.


How to Make the Best Texas TwinkiesAfter you have carried out the steps outlined, place the Texas Twinkies in the smoker. Reviews have shown that the Camp Chef PG24MZG SmokePro is one of the best smokers on the market. You can use this or any other smoker that you find.

Adjust the heat setting to the 225 degrees Fahrenheit that we have indicated earlier.

When smoking, you might add some chips, with pecan wood being a largely preferred option. Traeger Grills PEL314 remains one of the most popular chips in the industry, and it will give you a very delicious smoke.

Once you have heated the smoker, you should place your wrapped peppers on the grate or the rack. Reviews indicate that REC TEC Grill mat is one of the most preferred grill mats on the market.

It is important to pay attention to them while they are in the smoker. As you cook them, ensure that the smoke flows throughout the time they are in there. To know when they are done, you will find that the combo is easy to bite through and is soft.

The particular level of softness depends on you.

The typical time for cooking is around three hours.

There are other things that you can do to get even more flavor out of the Twinkies. For one, you can use a mop sauce or some other type of barbecue sauce. This will make it taste even better.


When it is soft enough to your liking, serve them and watch people smile as they bite into the Twinkies.

Final Thoughts

While this version of making Texas Twinkies is quite lengthy and requires more attention and work than usual, it is certainly worth every single bite. You will have people breaking out in delight when they taste it. Make a lot of these and watch as they disappear into the mouths of your guests! These are an excellent party or game day snacks. They are so versatile and can be served with different things, ranging from roasted vegetables to mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and other interesting combinations that you might love. Try it out today!

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